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In A Nutshell...
I bought my first camera about 5 years ago and suffice to say: my life changed. God began to open my eyes to the beauty around me in the everyday people, places and things that I came into contact with. I made Him the promise that what I photographed (and what I shared on my blog) would in some way, shape or form, glorify Him. Photography is one way in which I am able to experience God's delight in who He created me to be & in the abilities He gives me in this season...what a privilege!!!

The name "All EAR's"...
It is a kitchy kind of tribute to my Dad. After my Mom passed away, our relationship became so very strained but eventually our relationship changed from the "child/parent" dynamic to being friends. Unfortunately he passed away a short time later. I purchased my first camera thanks to him, and began searching for a "brand name" to use for public photo sites such as SmugMug and Flickr. One day it just made sense: his initials are E.A.R. & when you see a photo of the two of us there is no doubt where I get my looks from (proof that God has a sense of humor). So I am indeed "All EAR's". The fact that we enjoy Walt Disney World so much and the icon for it is a set of ears...completely coincidental. Oh yes, and hysterical, fitting, and totally appropriate.

Why my Dad and why photography...
During the last few months of his life I was taking these amazing metal pictures of him, and he would offer words of advice about work and life - he was a wise man. That time blesses me to this day. Those moments with my Dad are forever locked in my head and heart, but I don't have any photos of them. That actually grieved me for a season, but I do believe it was what catapulted me into photography: never wanting to miss the opportunity to capture sweet moments, sweet faces and amazing places ever again.

My friends and family have indulged me in walking out that desire over the years. It is a priviledge to do so, and speaks volumes about their love and patience. I am indeed one blessed woman.

I hope that you will enjoy what you see here! If you are interested in any of my photos, please email me at

Happy Shooting :)